Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Carp on the 'Fly'?

On nice warm summer evenings myself and good friend Paul Proctor enjoy some amusing sessions catching Carp on the fly. I use the word "fly" lightly as I don't use an imitation of an insect but that of a dog biscuit or bread. Catapulting a few real dog biscuits into likely areas can often get Carp feeding on the surface and, once a few offerings of food have been eaten, the Carp start to feed more confidently. Now is usually when I would choose to make a cast.

Hooking one of these 'submarines' is exciting to say the least! These fish are extremely strong and a hard fight usually follows. My local waters have a lot of 'snaggy' areas and I would feel under-gunned with a rod rating any lower than 8. At range they can be tamed but once under the rod a big Carp can be very difficult to get up to the surface. Talking of tackle, check your local fisheries rules and regulations as my local fisheries dictate certain size landing nets, unhooking mats and whether barbless or microbarbed hooks must be used. I've learnt the hard way that you need to use a strong hook!

All in all, catching Carp on the fly can be a pleasant change when the rivers are out of sorts.
Below is a picture of a recent catch.