Thursday, 25 August 2011

A day at Bigland Hall trout fishery.

Earlier this week i enjoyed a days fishing with newcomers to the sport, David and his son Frank.
Both had the basics of casting picked up really quickly, then Frank spotted a rising trout and was keen to get a fly on and have a try for it. Unfortunately this fish was hooked and lost but soon after Frank was into his first trout.
A few pictures from the day.

Two more fish for frank had me thinking this lad is a natural, then one for David and we called it a day.
Well done to you both and i hope this is the start of many happy years with the fly rod.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Guide Fly Fishing Day. Cancelled.

The Guide fly fishing day at knottallow tarn has been cancelled due to bad weather forecast.
Apologies for any inconvenience.
We will try to rearrange for later in the year.
If only we could control the weather.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Guide Fly Fishing Day.

Ulverston anglers open day is Sunday 17Th July at 10am on Knottallow tarn.
Myself and Jim Fearn will be there representing Guide fly fishing.

Both Myself and Jim will be doing casting-fishing demonstrations and offering casting tuition.
We will be more than happy to try and answer any questions you may have.
There will be loads of the latest lines, reels and rods to try from, Rio lines, Vision rods and reels, Lamson reels, Sage and Reddington rods.

Then mid afternoon we will drop down to a local venue for refreshments,
and a fly tying session where myself and other members of Ulverston anglers will be tying some of the successful patterns that work well on the tarn.
All are welcome so please come along and hopefully enjoy the day.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Rio Tapered Trout leaders.

The 9’ Rio tapered trout leaders have been in the Guide fly fishing range for a few years now, but for me the recent introduction of the 12’ leaders was long awaited.

Tying your fly straight to the end of this leader is fine but my preference, where conditions and surroundings allow tend to be towards a longer leader for most of my river dry fly fishing with fly’s in the 16 to 12 size, a length usually about 14' to 15' is good for me.

While adding a couple of feet of tippet to the 12’ leaders is ok, this for me leaves to long of a level section which can hinder turnover, so a slight rebuild of the front (fly) end helps me get a more positive and predictable turnover, and although a tight line on the river can often be detrimental because of problems with drag, adding a little slack to the system during the cast is my preferred method.

To rebuild the front end I tend to cut back a 12’, 6.4lbs tapered leader to approximately 8’6” or 0.24mm diameter, basically cutting of a tiny bit of taper and the level section at the front, then add 12 inches of 8.2 lbs (0.20mm), and 18 inches of 6.4lbs(0.18mm) these additions are made with Rio Powerflex tippet material, then the final tippet is made from 2’6” of 4.7lb Rio Suppleflex, this as the name suggests is a really supple tippet material which helps to minimise any drag or unnatural movement of the fly, then if i need to go finer i simply cut the 4.7lb back to 12" and add 2'6" of a lighter breaking strain.

This leader coupled with the Moss colour Rio Gold or the Rio windcutter2 fly line in a 4 or 5 weight is my setup for river dry fly fishing this season.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Stockport, Fly Fishing Shop Open Weekend 19th and 20th march.

Myself, Jim Fearn and Gary Coxon will be there, offering free casting tuition and advice on all the latest product's from Sage and Guide fly fishing.

There will also be all the latest fly line's from Rio that you can try on one of the latest rod's from Guide and Sage, or try the line''s on your own rod to get the match that suit's you.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Best Regards,

Tony Riley.

Wed 16th march.

On Wednesday evening i travelled over to Endmoor near Kendal to do a tying/fishing evening for the lake land branch of fly dressers guild. On arrival i found i was to be filmed by a high quality video camera, this was just a little daunting as while tying a size 24 aphid i looked up at the screen to find the hook looking like a size 8 and every miss placed thread rap was to easy to see, especially with friend Paul little one of the best fly dressers I've ever seen sat watching in the audience. Joking aside this was once again a great evening and i thank Paul for the invite.

Tuesday 15th march. Boulton flydressers.

On wednesday evening i travelled down to Boulton to do a fly tying/fishing demo with the emphisis on river fishing, a really good night and i would like to thank Boulton flydressers for the invite.


On Sunday 13th of march i returned from a fantastic fishing trip to Ascension bay in Mexico with Paul proctor.
A superb week of salt water fly fishing on the flats and lagoons catching Tarpon, Bone fish and Barracuda. These fish really do test your equipment to the max and once or twice i wondered, is hooking one of these fish a good idea especially as the fish i caught aren't that big as far as salt water game fish go. The only downside i can think of is the road down to Punta allen from Tulum, about a 4 to 5 hour drive over the worst potholed road I've ever been on, i recall Paul saying you'll never moan about potholes in the UK again and he was right. All i can say is i can't wait to be back.
A few pics from the trip.

A nice Barracuda on the last day.

Bone fish.

And my best fish of the week the Tarpon.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Catch up.

Its been a while so here's a quick catch up.

Most Wednesdays during august, September and early October were spent driving the long slog up to Aberdeen to fish for Salmon at the Tilbouries beat on the Royal Dee, owned by good friend Willie Banks.
I first fished there in 2009 with Jim Fearn, who had a Friday rod on this syndicate beat.
I was fortunate to join myself in 2010, with my day being Thursday, this worked out well as myself and Jim generally traveled together and shared both days fishing, also getting the chance to watch Jim fish and his approach to salmon fishing was inspiring to say the least.
My first fish of the season came on Feb 2nd, a stunning 15lb springer and my best fish of the season came in at just over 19lbs.

February fish.

Best fish of the season.

The winter months have been spent topping up the fly boxes, and with everywhere being frozen most of the time instruction has been mainly casting tuition. I really enjoy teaching casting and take great pleasure watching people improve during the sessions we have.
One person i would like to mention is Paul Maxwell, who i first met about two years ago and at that time to my knowledge had never even held a Fly rod.
We've had a few days together now and its been a pleasure watching Paul making his first cast, catching his first Trout and now, like most of us Paul has become fascinated with the sport.
I was due to meet Paul on sat 29th Jan for a few hours at a local fishery but a cold night and a frozen water stopped the fishing again.
To salvage something from the day we decided to have a couple of hours casting as Paul wanted to work on his accuracy and his distance and after sorting out a small tracking issue and introducing hauling Paul was soon casting a nice straight accurate cast and also made a distance of just over 80 feet, more than far enough for most trout fishing.

A good well tracked cast with a well timed haul, nice one Paul.