Monday, 31 January 2011

Catch up.

Its been a while so here's a quick catch up.

Most Wednesdays during august, September and early October were spent driving the long slog up to Aberdeen to fish for Salmon at the Tilbouries beat on the Royal Dee, owned by good friend Willie Banks.
I first fished there in 2009 with Jim Fearn, who had a Friday rod on this syndicate beat.
I was fortunate to join myself in 2010, with my day being Thursday, this worked out well as myself and Jim generally traveled together and shared both days fishing, also getting the chance to watch Jim fish and his approach to salmon fishing was inspiring to say the least.
My first fish of the season came on Feb 2nd, a stunning 15lb springer and my best fish of the season came in at just over 19lbs.

February fish.

Best fish of the season.

The winter months have been spent topping up the fly boxes, and with everywhere being frozen most of the time instruction has been mainly casting tuition. I really enjoy teaching casting and take great pleasure watching people improve during the sessions we have.
One person i would like to mention is Paul Maxwell, who i first met about two years ago and at that time to my knowledge had never even held a Fly rod.
We've had a few days together now and its been a pleasure watching Paul making his first cast, catching his first Trout and now, like most of us Paul has become fascinated with the sport.
I was due to meet Paul on sat 29th Jan for a few hours at a local fishery but a cold night and a frozen water stopped the fishing again.
To salvage something from the day we decided to have a couple of hours casting as Paul wanted to work on his accuracy and his distance and after sorting out a small tracking issue and introducing hauling Paul was soon casting a nice straight accurate cast and also made a distance of just over 80 feet, more than far enough for most trout fishing.

A good well tracked cast with a well timed haul, nice one Paul.