Thursday, 17 March 2011

Stockport, Fly Fishing Shop Open Weekend 19th and 20th march.

Myself, Jim Fearn and Gary Coxon will be there, offering free casting tuition and advice on all the latest product's from Sage and Guide fly fishing.

There will also be all the latest fly line's from Rio that you can try on one of the latest rod's from Guide and Sage, or try the line''s on your own rod to get the match that suit's you.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Best Regards,

Tony Riley.

Wed 16th march.

On Wednesday evening i travelled over to Endmoor near Kendal to do a tying/fishing evening for the lake land branch of fly dressers guild. On arrival i found i was to be filmed by a high quality video camera, this was just a little daunting as while tying a size 24 aphid i looked up at the screen to find the hook looking like a size 8 and every miss placed thread rap was to easy to see, especially with friend Paul little one of the best fly dressers I've ever seen sat watching in the audience. Joking aside this was once again a great evening and i thank Paul for the invite.

Tuesday 15th march. Boulton flydressers.

On wednesday evening i travelled down to Boulton to do a fly tying/fishing demo with the emphisis on river fishing, a really good night and i would like to thank Boulton flydressers for the invite.


On Sunday 13th of march i returned from a fantastic fishing trip to Ascension bay in Mexico with Paul proctor.
A superb week of salt water fly fishing on the flats and lagoons catching Tarpon, Bone fish and Barracuda. These fish really do test your equipment to the max and once or twice i wondered, is hooking one of these fish a good idea especially as the fish i caught aren't that big as far as salt water game fish go. The only downside i can think of is the road down to Punta allen from Tulum, about a 4 to 5 hour drive over the worst potholed road I've ever been on, i recall Paul saying you'll never moan about potholes in the UK again and he was right. All i can say is i can't wait to be back.
A few pics from the trip.

A nice Barracuda on the last day.

Bone fish.

And my best fish of the week the Tarpon.