Sunday, 15 June 2014

Vision MAG 10' 4#

MAG Fly Rod Overview from Jim Williams on Vimeo.

A video we shot earlier this year using the superb Vision MAG 10' 4# ending with a stunning big wild brownie!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Cuba Saltwater Flyfishing.

Early season weather at home was miserable, wet, cold and uninviting, so in conversation with good friend Gary Wilkinson a trip we had been planning to Cuba was finally booked for early March. Initially we'd planned to do a DIY trip and on our first day we did catch a variety of fish from the beach and flats close to our hotel but as the guides are a very reasonable price we ended up spending the majority of the trip under the guidance of Orlando ,a really nice guy and good guide from Cayo Paradon. We had emailed Orlando to arrange days prior to arriving at Cayo Coco and he arranged the rest, including transfers to and from our all inclusive hotel. The month you go can make a big difference because if tarpon are on your wish list, then the guides told me that May onwards is better as this is when the majority of the migration arrives. March seems to be the most settled month as far as weather goes and for us early march had suitable tide times so these were big factors in choosing this month.
There are some good sized Bonefish and plenty of Baracuda on the flats at this time of year and we did see and get a cast at a few Permit, but it's as if every time I cast a fly at this fish my fly turns invisible as soon as it hits the water, so once again they ignored me. The Bonefish however were playing ball and we had some crackers, Gary had his first Bonefish and between us we had some really good fishing.

Walking along this stunning beach from our hotel towards the flats.
Gary in the distance just minutes from the hotel.
Scanning for any sign of Bones approaching.
The rewards.
Amazing fish.
Gary's first Bonefish.
A better second, look at that tail!!!!
Gary and Orlando with one each.
A proper fight and Proper teeth!!!

We had various outfits with us but both of us opted for 8 weight rods for our Bone fishing, for me the 8# pretty much covers all the bases from wind speeds, fly sizes and just about whatever gets thrown at you on the day, Out of the various rods we had, one that stood out for me was the Venus sws from Vision, it recovers fast so it's waiting for you to make the next move instead of you waiting for it, it has bags of power so winds are less of a problem, high line speeds and quick fire casts are easy, and fish are soon tamed, it was everything i needed from a Bonefishing rod and I would be more than happy using it for a lot of other species in the UK such as Pike, Carp, Bass, Mullet, etc, etc.

Can't wait to get back, it won't be long.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Vision testing days, river Tay.

Jim Williams, brand manager from Vision UK, had organised two days in mid February on the Newtyle beat of the river Tay in Scotland for some of the World team members to meet up and try some of the new products currently in development. Unfortunately the level of the Tay was very high, a good thing for testing new kit as we could concentrate on this, but no sneaking off to fish as normal and nothing gets done.
Running lines, various density shooting heads, Skagits and leaders to try.

Me trying one of the new sinking shooting heads, one we were all very impressed with and eagerly await its release.
Jim Williams flexing his Tool ;-)
John Legg fires a cast with the new Tool double handed rod.

Great guy and head Ghyllie at Newtyle Andy Gunn ferries a few of the guys across to fish.
The rod we were all eager to try was the "Tool" a new rod this year, the cosmetics are a brave move from Vision and I wonder how people will take to them, and to the longevity of the handles new material (time will tell). Cosmetics aside this is a good rod, fast action, relatively stiff, light and able to cope easily with the various lines we tried on the day. Is this the four piece catapult we all wanted? I say give it a try and see for yourself.
Two interesting days and as is always the case with these meets, a lot learned.
A special thanks to Andy Gunn for his hospitality, I'll hopefully be back at Newtyle later in the year for a few days fishing.